When you want to know who goes there, ask VoiSentry
Milton Keynes, UK

Aculab is known for its innovation in advanced speech signal processing. As an enabling technology provider specialising in the telecommunications arena, Aculab’s products have been adopted worldwide for a wide variety of business-critical services and solutions. Our advanced speech processing team includes specialists in voice biometrics and speech analysis, processing and recognition, as well as analysis of ‘big data’, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Aculab’s proprietary voice biometric speaker verification system – VoiSentry – facilitates an intuitive and convenient user experience, enhanced security and productivity, and the cost-effective automation of authentication processes for businesses in all sectors, including finance and healthcare, and in commercial contact centres across all verticals. VoiSentry is a highly scalable, multi-tenant, speaker verification system, with integrated multi-factor authentication that is optimised for telephony channel use.

VoiSentry is intended to be integrated with the call-flow of any business communications application or front-end Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that will benefit from the automation of hitherto manual identification and verification (ID&V) processes for caller authentication. As a result, businesses will be able to replace costly, time-consuming and inquisition-like identity verification processes, simply by allowing their clients, customers or users to authenticate using their voice.

VoiSentry is provided as a virtualised software package suitable for deployment into either a VMware vSphere or a Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation environment, in the manner of a ‘black box’ where there is no need to install or tend to an operating system, or install individual separate software packages. The user simply deploys the VM onto the hypervisor and interacts with the service via a web-based administration User Interface (UI) and Web Services (REST) APIs.

Aculab offers also a wide range of APIs to serve the evolving needs of automated and interactive applications, whether on-premise, data centre hosted, or cloud-based. It’s telecoms related APIs include voice, data, fax, speech and SMS, on software and cloud-based platforms, giving users the choice between capital investment and cost-effective, ‘pay as you go’ or subscription-based alternatives.

Many years of experience in helping to drive its customers’ success has led to over 1000 customers, in more than 80 countries worldwide, including solution developers, systems integrators and service providers, adopting Aculab’s technology. Aculab has an office in the USA and its head office is located in Milton Keynes, UK.