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3349 Highway 138, Building A Suite E, Wall, New Jersey 07719 USA

The headquarters of BIO-key International is in Wall, New Jersey where, for law enforcement departments, public safety agencies, government and private sector customers, they develop and deliver identification solutions and information services. They are the leading supplier of mobile and wireless solutions for law enforcement and our identity solutions address the four key areas of security as well as providing unmatched security and convenience. Our wireless technology accesses critical and reliable information from local, state and national databases and provides it to first responders.

There are different kinds of biometrics which include fingerprints, voices, signatures, hands, faces and iris or retinal scans. Each one of these has both advantages and disadvantages with fingerprints being the most commonly used and the fingerprint readers are much easier and more practical to use today. BIO-key International works with all the major fingerprint reader manufacturers which allows you the flexibility to choose the reader you want for each application.

They also give you the option of different readers for different uses some of which are desktops, laptops, public portals and wireless devices and you can accomplish all of this with a single enrollment! This gives you the ability to identify all individuals before giving them access to your resources.

BIO-key is extremely excited that our compact fingerprint readers which operate seamlessly with the new Windows biometric sign-in platform will be available nationwide!

The power of a touch

BIO-key International is a leader in biometric finger identification technology and they employ the following four key areas of security:

Flexibility – our solutions can operate over any mixture of networks and systems.

Growth – the speed and convenience of BIO-keys solutions promotes the growth of

Privacy – Our fingerprint identification images cannot be decoded.

Protection – Our solutions do not need user IDs, passwords, smart cards or any other
Information. All that is needed is a fingerprint.

BIO-key International offers the following products and services to you:

  • Blood Center Identification Solutions
  • VST (Vector Segment Technology) SDK
  • Software Development Kits
  • WEB-key
  • BSP (Biometric Service Provider)
  • True User Identification
  • SSO (Single Sign On)
  • Supported Devices
  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance

The next few paragraphs explain a little about these devices and supports that you can obtain at BIO-key International.

*Blood Center Identification Solutions:

They are introducing the TruDonor ID which, among other things, provides 24/7 access to a computer environment that is fully supported by expert technicians, it can be used by blood centers of any size and greatly reduces costs and time. It also satisfies regulatory requirements, improves overall donor and patient experience, eliminates wasted efforts, reduces healthcare fraud, secures access to donor and patient records and improves donor and patient safety.

VST (Vector Segment Technology) SDK (Software Development Kits):

This enables you to have complete control over user enrollment and authentication and is also a leader in image enhancement with its full identification, fast search capability, flexible server setup and the widest choice of reader options.


At BIO-key International, They have our WEB-key SDK (Software Developers Kit) which includes a reliable network, secure identification, major data security, expert support and the widest variety of fingerprint reading devices.

BSP (Biometric Service Provider):

BIO-key has a Software Development Kit that meets all the BSP standards and the user enrollment and authentication screens can be customized.

*True User Identification:

BIO-key Internationals’ True user Identification identifies individuals by their fingerprints and does so out of a database of millions of fingerprints!

*SSO (Single Sign On):

This provides better user convenience as there are no more passwords to remember, it increases security, eliminates the need of a help desk for password support and is very user friendly.

*Technical Support:

They deliver top quality, high-level support quickly and efficiently!


When you subscribe to our maintenance program, They provide free software upgrades and priority customer service and technical response within 60 minutes, if not immediately.

*Supported Devices:

They have numerous supported devices and other services which you can find on our website.

Now that you have an overview of BIO-key International, be sure to visit their website and check them out for yourself.

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