The Quest for Rightful Identity
109 Atlantic Avenue, Toronto Ontario Suite 202 M6K 1X4

BioConnect is on a Quest – for Rightful Identity. Why? To empower people to use their unique biometric credentials (their Rightful Identity) in their everyday lives – delivering greater security and convenience along the way.

BioConnect revolutionized the physical access control market with its industry-first identity platform that enables the integration of biometric technology with the industry’s leading access control solutions.

The architecture of their identity platform provides a simple, flexible and scalable biometric solution that allows businesses to use a variety of biometric types (Suprema face and finger fixed access readers, Digitus cabinet readers) within a single system. It easily integrates biometric hardware with the leading access control systems, so instead of having to manage badge records in two different systems, the platform syncs information between the two systems.

Suprema is a global leader in security and biometrics. BioConnect supports the implementation of Suprema’s top-rated biometric hardware devices (finger, face, card and PIN) and IP access control solutions in Canada, US, UK, Ireland and Puerto Rico.  Their support, training and consulting resources will ensure you have the skills to implement a successful Suprema solution.

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