Universal Identity Platform
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Biocryptology® is a disruptive biometric-based authentication technology that consists of identification mechanisms combined with a unique encryption algorithm. The name Biocryptology has been registered with the goal of differentiating its architecture from that currently being used in biometrics. The term emphasizes the relevance of cryptology to make biometrics based identity verification and electronic transactions and communications private and secure.


Biocryptology® is based on the principle that the conventional biometric information, which is captured by the Swipe ID, is transformed into a set of numbers, which are constantly changing each time the biometric data are captured and processed. These numbers do not relate anymore to the original biometric image or template, nor to any other information that could be related to your identity. Only this encrypted code is stored in our Biocryptology database, not the original biometric image or template. The original data cannot be revealed since “reverse engineering” is impossible.


Biocryptology® incorporates an important amount of security features like digital signatures, time stamping, hash codes, life detection, etc. These additional features, combined with first‐class 3D fingerprint Biometrics and state-of‐the‐art Cryptology, makes identity theft and impersonation impossible. Our Biocryptology authentication platform is therefore probably the most secure way to authenticate a person. Biocryptology not just eliminates ID theft and ID fraud; it will also give back your privacy. The ongoing increase in tracking, tracing and profiling consumers for commercial purposes is not stopped by common biometric systems. Many companies collect and aggregate millions of items of information about individual consumers with a view toward compiling a “complete 360‐degree view” of a consumer’s life. However, the privacy concerns surrounding it are becoming bigger and bigger. Swipe ID addresses this problem since we don’t profile you, nor do we “track & trace” your activities with your Swipe ID: You take back control over your privacy.