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About Crossmatch

Crossmatch® solutions solve security and identity management challenges for hundreds of millions of users around the world. Our proven DigitalPersona®composite authentication software is designed to provide the optimal set of factors to meet today’s unique risk requirements and afford complete enterprise authentication coverage. Crossmatch identity management solutions include trusted biometric identity management hardware and software that deliver the highest quality and performance required for critical applications. Our solutions support the financial, retail, commercial, government, law enforcement and military markets. With 275 employees and customers in more than 80 countries, Crossmatch sets the standard for innovation and reliability.

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Some of the industries and customers Crossmatch is proud to deliver biometric solutions and services to:

– National, state and local governments
– National and local law enforcement
– Child safety and student security
– Transportation
– Financial services
– Hospitality and gaming
– Critical infrastructure
– Healthcare

Crossmatch Technologies has products and solutions that will fit your every need and they range from fingerprint scanners to complete biometric screening solutions. Some of the things that can be accomplished with their technology and products are Employee Background Checks, Biometric-Enabled ID Badges and Credentialing, Document Readers, Mobile Security and ID Management.

Crossmatch Technologies offers a variety of livescan systems with complete full-hand, palm or fingerprint systems which are very versatile and easy to use systems. They provide quality and accurate fingerprint scans which do not require artificial enhancement. Following is a list of the products and solutions they offer you to enhance your business and provide security that you trust.

 Current offerings include:
  • Fingerprint and palm scanners
  • Facial recognition solutions
  • Iris capture devices
  • Multimodal jump kits
  • Document readers
  • Enterprise and application software, and related services.



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