Innovate While You Authenticate!
11911 Freedom Drive, Suite 900, Reston, VA, 20190 USA

Daon’s vision is “To be the world’s leading human authentication platform enabling people across any channel to easily assert and protect their identity.”

Founded in 2000, Daon is a privately held software company that has pioneered methods for securely and conveniently combining biometric and identity capabilities with large-scale deployments that span payments verification, digital banking, wealth, insurance, telcos, and securing borders and critical infrastructure.

Today, Daon creates products to help manage identities in six continents, across the full identity lifecycle including onboarding, authentication and recovery, thus eliminating the threat of security breaches and fraud. Throughout the world, Daon has developed identity assurance software that allows government and commercial enterprises to establish trust that someone is who they claim to be.

Daon’s IdentityX® Platform, an omni-channel approach to biometric authentication, allows users to mix and match security factors of the past (e.g., passwords and tokens) with security factors of today (e.g., voice, fingerprint, face, behavioral and palm biometrics) as well as emerging factors of tomorrow. All these factors can be used individually or fused together to deliver the level of assurance desired.

Daon delivers solutions needed to empower mission critical programs which demand the strongest levels of security and identity assurance and serves as a key technology behind leading financial institutions including Visa, Mastercard, USAA, BNP Paribas Wealth Management and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC).

Let us show you how we can protect your critical information with enhanced security that doesn’t compromise usability and flexibility.


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