Face ID Biometrics Ltd

Pioneers in facial recognition
120 Bark Street, 6th Floor, Bolton, BL1 2AX, United Kingdom

Face ID Biometrics is the UK-based distributor of all FaceID hardware. FaceID is the world’s first embedded facial recognition system, and was created by Hanvon, a pioneer in the commercial biometrics industry. Introduced in 2008, FaceID now has over 1,000,000 successful installations worldwide. Unlike many of our competitors, who spread their resources across countless product lines, technologies and modalities, our focus is simple – we are a face recognition company. It is this focus that enables us to provide the elusive combination of higher performance, better reliability and competitive pricing.

Hanvon is an innovator in the face recognition market, with the dual optical/infrared cameras in FaceID providing near 3D imaging and superior performance in varying lighting conditions. Liveness detection is integral to this technology, which is effectively unspoofable and has been proven to distinguish between twins and even identical triplets.

FaceID’s patented embedded face recognition algorithm is considered to be probably the fastest available, and FaceID is recognised as one of the best performing systems on the market today.