Beyond Biometrics
Avenida México, 20 Edificio MARSAMAR, 3ºC 03008 Alcante, Spain

FACEPHI is a global leader in Facial Recognition technology and in Mobile Biometrics technologies.

With a strong concentration in the financial sector, our product is rapidly becoming a service used by banks all over the world. Its implementation doesn’t just save money, it is also a way to attract clients and build loyalty, while increasing the security of transactions for both the customer and the business.

This innovative technology enhances the client experience effortlessly by simply using the camera on their mobile device to take a selfie; this then becomes their method of identification and interaction with the bank’s mobile application. With the rest of FacePhi’s products and its inPhinite solution, banks and financial institutions will satisfied all user’s needs without any extra investment in just one implementation and in the easiest and most secure way; the user will be the key for everything imaginable.

FacePhi has entirely designed and developed its own robust algorithm, and thanks to the user experience and the extra services that offers as well as the support and maintenance, will close the year with a forecast of 30 contracts signed with different banks around the world and expects +500M of authentications with +6M of users at the end of 2018. An absolute success in the adoption of the facial recognition to login to their private accounts in one year with the 90% of the users and 0% of fraud in all the clients in production.

FacePhi is a company with no limits, striving to make others have a better life.




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