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Pri vinohradoch 82, 831 06 Bratislava, Slovakia

About Us:

Innovatrics is an independent EU-based provider of trusted biometric solutions for governments and enterprises. Our algorithms consistently rank among the fastest and most accurate in fingerprint and face recognition. For over 16 years, we have partnered with all types of organizations to build trusted and flexible biometric identification solutions. Our products are being used in more than 80 countries, benefiting more than a billion people worldwide.

Why Innovatrics?


Having a respected, innovation-driven R&D team allows us to develop proprietary technology that fits market trends and specific customer needs. Open architecture of our solutions allows smooth integration with other systems, avoiding vendor lock-in.


To date, we have successfully completed over 500 projects in 80 countries, with over a billion people having been biometrically processed using Innovatrics software. We have been consistently ranked among the fastest and most accurate in independent NIST tests.


We believe in quality. We guarantee and maintain the technological edge of our products and services through continuous research and professional staff. Our customer-driven approach guarantees real-time support to ensure that your system keeps working flawlessly.


Slovakia (HQ)  +421 2/207 140 56

Brazil  +55 11 4210-5185

Singapore +65 3158 7379

Taiwan (R.O.C) +886 2 7741 4036

USA +1 (404) 984-2024

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