Moritz-von-Rohr-Str. 1a, 07745 Jena, Germany

JENETRIC are experts in digital fingerprint capturing technology. We develop and manufacture biometric sensors that meet the highest demands for image quality, capture speed and ease of use. Our solutions take a holistic approach to design. Not only do we focus on technical parameters but also on measurable efficiency in terms of performance and the noticeable improvement for users and agencies.

For us, biometric sensors are more than the mere acquisition of identity data. It is about the interaction between human and machine for the benefit of the user. Concentrating on functional parameters and taking design as an interconnected whole, we create innovative and lighter fingerprint solutions that will let you “Enjoy BIOMETRICS!”

Based on long term experiences of our entire team, and engineers who have successfully developed and manufactured first-in-class products for capturing biometrics, we will continue pushing the envelope for developing new biometric sensors that meet the highest demands for image quality, capture speed and ease of use. Our fingerprint scanners LIVETOUCH QUATTRO and LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Compact represent a new class of compact and user friendly devices that will help to simplify and improve fingerprint capture processes. With our e-c-thru technology we introduce a new way of capturing biometrics that overcomes the barriers of existing technologies.

LIVETOUCH QUATTRO is a FBI certified, super compact forensic ID Flat and tenprint scanner. Based on JENETRIC’s e-c-thru technology, the scanner combines unmatched user friendliness with highest quality fingerprint images. Its integrated touchscreen provides easy to understand instructions that reduce failure-to-enrol rate and shorten the capture process. Thanks to its compact design, ultra-light weight and simplified operation, LIVETOUCH QUATTRO integrates easily into livescan stations and enrolment systems in any operating environment.

LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Compact is the most compact FAP 60 tenprint scanner module on the market. Its slim design, small size, lowest weight and minimal power consumption permits a smooth integration into portable enrolment systems or mobile devices. FBI Appendix F certified for both ID-Flats and tenprint fingerprint acquisitions, no compromise between compact size and best image quality is required.

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