Laxton Group

Laxton B.V., Parktoren, Van Heuven Goedhartlaan 13D, Amstelveen, 1181 LE.

Laxton is a global Leader in providing cost effective, high technology Election, Identity and SelfService solutions to governments and corporations.

Flagship technologies include biometrics (fingerprint, iris, face, voice), big data analytics and cryptography (digital signatures, encryption, public key infrastructure). New technologies being introduced include: artificial intelligence, IoT and blockchain technology.

Equipped with a full complement of highly experienced professionals in software development, engineering, manufacturing, and project management, Laxton has a proven track record of successfully implementing large scale projects. Laxton can rapidly move from creation of concept design and prototyping, to complete manufacture and final execution all under one roof.

Laxton was founded in South Africa in 2004, and now operates from offices around the world. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Laxton has branches in Amsterdam, New York, Johannesburg, and China, with regional offices in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Malawi.

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