Mobbeel Solutions

Multi Biometric solutions for Identity Verification: Authentication - ID Card Scan - Biometric Signature
Santa Cristina Street. Garage 2.0 Building (Offices 107-109), Cáceres, Spain

At Mobbeel we develop solutions to identify users in a convenient and secure way.

Founded in 2009, we have been in the identity verification industry for more than 10 years. In this sense, we were pioneers in biometric recognition technology for mobile devices without the need for specific hardware, and we keep working and innovating to achieve excellence. A great number of top-tier clients in different industries rely on our technology to prove their clients’ identity. These industries, such as banking, FinTech, Sharing economy, travel, tourism or online gaming and gambling, require identifying the client’s identity in a wide variety of cases:

User Identification: we use our ID Documents Automatic Scanning technology and Facial Biometric Matching between the ID Card or passport picture and a client’s selfie, which acts as an extra layer of security. This is applied in cases such as when there are no biometric samples of the client to compare to in a digital on-boarding process.

User Registration: our Biometric Signature technology enables a digital signing process, which can be used when clients need to sign a contract or any pdf document.

User Authentication: our Multi-Biometric Recognition technology enables our clients verify their identity in cases when it is needed, such as accessing systems or authorize transactions.

Furthermore, we have developed our own biometric recognition algorithms from the ground up, as well as the Signature Digitalization technology, and the whole process for digital onboarding (OCR scanning, NFC scanning, document validity checks…). Thanks to our self-developed technology, our clients benefit from it thanks to our line of products, which cover the three key use cases mentioned above.

Our key products are:

Mobbscan: it is the ideal solution to Know Your Customer (KYC) and accomplish any digital onboarding process. MobbScan allows users to verify their identity online, using either their mobile devices or a website, through the scanning of identity documents. MobbScan also helps companies identify their clients by extracting their data as well as validating its authenticity and even owner’s identity if necessary.

MobbID: is a cutting-edge multi-biometric authentication solution. Thanks to MobbID, users can verify their identity online using one or more of their unique biometric features using the standard sensors of any mobile device.

MobbSign: enables users to legally and easily sign any document on any digital device with their handwritten signature and without the need of any kind of certificate. MobbSign collects the biometric traits of the user’s signature, such as the angles, pressure or accelerations, encrypts them and stores them within the document in a secure manner.