Precise Biometrics

Convenient and secure identity authentication for everyone, everywhere.
Mobilvägen 10, 223 62 Lund, Sweden

Precise Biometrics is a market leading supplier of solutions for convenient and secure authentication of people’s identity. The company’s patented software solution Precise BioMatch™ Mobile has become a de facto-standard among sensor manufacturers. Precise Biometrics also develops and sells smart card readers for smartphones and tablets.

The company has 20 years’ experience of developing fingerprint software for small fingerprint sensors. Precise Biometrics’ competence and understanding of both image processing, user experience and security are decisive in terms of enhancing the company’s technical leadership in the field of products with small sensors for limited platforms. The company’s software for fingerprint recognition, supports all existing sensor technologies, operating systems and platforms.

Market leading fingerprint technology

Fingerprint Technology is Precise Biometrics’ largest and fastest growing business area. Within this business area the company develops and sells software for convenient and secure fingerprint recognition of peoples’ identity in mobile devices, smart cards, payment cards, wearables and other products with small fingerprint sensors and limited platforms and memory. The company’s fingerprint software is integrated in over 170 smartphones and tablets from over 40 vendors, as well as in over 160 million national ID cards and is daily used hundreds of millions of times globally. The software consists of advanced algorithms that process, analyze and match images of fingerprints, including liveness detection, and are key to the user experience of fingerprint technology.

The company offers unique fingerprint software solutions for mobile payments using fraud mitigating liveness detection and fingerprint matching in Secure Elements with bank-grade security.