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About Princeton Identity

Princeton Identity is the identity management company powered by biometrics, making security more convenient, accurate and reliable than ever before. Using iris recognition and other technology, PI reimagines biometrics by enabling businesses, global organizations and borders to simplify identity management, resulting in improved safety and protection. Formerly a division within SRI International, Princeton Identity spun out as an independent venture in August 2016.

Our Vision

The evolution of technology has redefined security for individuals, businesses and entire nations. As technology advances, individuals no longer perceive safety and privacy as a luxury, but as a standard. Global organizations recognize the need to secure valuable data and create a safe environment for their customers, without sacrificing convenience. The security industry has historically dealt with a push and pull that pitted accuracy and reliability against ease and convenience – biometric identity management will end that tradeoff for good.

Princeton Identity develops biometric identity management that makes security more accurate, reliable and convenient than ever before. With our identity management solutions, we help businesses, global organizations and borders simplify identity management, resulting in improved safety and protection.

Our Mission

Reimagining biometrics to simplify identity management.

Princeton Identity believes in security powered by biometrics, enabling seamless transactions, movement and entry. PI will create Identity-as-a-Service where individuals can use their personal biometrics – regardless of device, location or circumstance – to do things like access their money, belongings and even pull up their health and financial records.

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