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649 Mission Street, 5th floor, San Francisco, California 94105, USA

Redrock Biometrics is the creator of PalmID®, the first commercially available palm-based biometric authentication solution that combines security, high performance, affordability, and great user experience for virtually any camera-equipped device.

PalmID works on any device with a standard RGB camera, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, smart TVs, and most VR and AR headsets. PalmID is touchless; it works even in extreme low-light conditions (the light from the device’s screen is usually sufficient); and it’s effective matching even dirty or scarred hands. As long as the palm lines are visible, the user can be authenticated with extremely high accuracy. When infrared imaging is available, PalmID starts combining palm veins and palm lines.

Our partners represent multiple industries, including banking, payments, enterprise security, health care, automotive, and NGOs. The current use cases mostly involve authentication for remote and physical access, and finding duplicates. PalmID is DEA-certified for EPCS use.

At Redrock Biometrics, we believe that palm-based authentication will become the next major biometric modality and, in most cases, the modality of choice. Find out why PalmID is the right choice for security and authentication for today’s devices and beyond. Contact Redrock Biometrics to learn what we can do for you.