28 years of experience in ID verification and security
1800 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 400

Regula is a leading developer and manufacturer of hi-tech security equipment and software designed for reliable automated document examination and verification in integrated solutions for various organizations. The company’s client base comprises ministries of internal and external affairs, police, border control, and customs authorities, aviation, banks, telecom operators, insurance companies, and other organizations and institutions from all across the world.

Regula is the only company in the market that provides a complete production cycle from the ideas to implementation, including hardware, software, information reference systems, and training workshops, thus having unique expertise in the industry.

With 28 years’ experience in the market, the company takes pride in innovation. Special emphasis in the company’s portfolio is given to our smart ID verification solution Regula Document Reader SDK, which is a set of modules designed for integration into mobile apps. This solution aims to empower safety while processing personal data and make user experience smooth and easy, taking away the headache of manual typing while filling forms, customer onboarding, check-in, etc.

Regula Document Reader SDK is used by airlines, telecoms, banks, and other industries, giving companies the power to optimize workflow, boost their revenue, and increase customer loyalty. The solution has expanded the capabilities of identity document authenticity verification and has become widely accepted in the market. The database, integrated into the SDK, contains 8600+ document templates from more than 245 countries and territories, making Regula an undoubted leader in identity document verification worldwide. Additionally, Regula offers a face matching and face recognition features to further strengthen the authentication process.

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