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TECH5 is an international technology company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with branches in the US, Europe and Asia, dedicated to the design, development, and distribution of biometrics-driven Identity Management solutions. The company was founded by a team of seasoned industry professionals, who have been innovating in the area of multi-modal biometric matching solutions for more than 20 years. The TECH5 market focus is on highly scalable products built on the experience gained by the implementation of large deployments. TECH5 target markets include Government and Private sectors with products powering Civil ID, Private ID, Law Enforcement, as well as Authentication solutions that deliver Identity assurance for use cases such as digital onboarding and eKYC when opening a Bank account, applying for a document or a service.


  • Regional Sales offices in Switzerland, India and the US;
  • R&D teams in Europe and the US;
  • Software Engineering in India and the US;
  • Three core technologies – fingerprint, face and iris recognition – fully developed in-house that drive TECH5 solutions and are ranked TOP TIER in NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology);
  • Technology and distribution partners across the globe;


TECH5 Biometric SDKs

     T5 Biometric SDKs

  • TECH5 provides face, fingerprint and iris Server, Client and Mobile SDKs, based on Top tier algorithms, fully developed in-house.
TECH5 Enterprise Matching Platforms

     T5-ABIS BE

  • T5-ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) Biometric Engine is a mission critical multi-biometric search engine for Nation level large-scale ID projects that delivers de-duplication and identification (1:N) services using T5-Face, T5-Finger, and T5-Iris.


  • TECH5 MBAP (Multibiometric Authentication Platform) is a mission critical multi-biometric authentication platform. T5-MBAP allows to authenticate (1:1) and verify a person by face, fingerprint, and iris” on-the-go”.

TECH5 Enterprise Products


  • T5-EagleEye is a distributed face recognition software designed to work with any type of IP cameras and video streams in real time. It incorporates the top-notch machine-learning algorithms that recognize faces “on-the-go” in real-life conditions, irrespective of poor video quality, different facial expressions, facial occlusions and similar such conditions.


  • T5-IDencode is a Digital ID solution based on a high-density barcode data carrier that securely stores demographic data, a highly compressed face image, as well as multi-modality biometric templates, all in encrypted format.


  • T5-LDS (Liveness Detection System) is a real-time anti-spoofing technology based on neural networks. The system can operate in combination with T5-Face or T5-Finger technology (1:1) or as a standalone solution to determine if a detected face is a real person and the owner of the presented ID or a spoofing attack.

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