Hlinky 505/118, 603 00 Brno, Czech Republic

ThreatMark is the future of trust in the digital world. The company was founded with a vision of bringing trust to interactions across all digital channels through profound cyber security know-how and latest advancements in AI & Data Analytics.

Now, ThreatMark processes a comprehensive set of data inputs to continuously validate user’s identity & their intentions while protecting the user’s most valuable assets.

At ThreatMark, we make sure that the entire digital journey (onboarding, authentication, account management, transactions…) is trusted and safe for both end-users and businesses.

Major banks use ThreatMark’s deep behavioral profiling engine to analyze vast numbers of user specific data & behavioral traits to precisely identify legitimate users and deny fraudsters in real-time. For banks and their users, ThreatMark enables seamless digital experience that does not require additional authentication nor rely on simple transaction monitoring. ThreatMark goes beyond the industry standards to validate more than 25 million users and over 1 billion logins and transactions yearly.

ThreatMark is shifting the paradigm in the digital world with advanced solutions complemented by a dedicated team of fraud specialists & cybersecurity experts working in our Security Operations Center (SOC), who vigilantly watch for new malicious activities throughout the digital landscape.

Among various honors and industry recognition, ThreatMark has been recognized by Gartner as a Representative Vendor for the Online Fraud Detection area in its 2020 Market guide, named Deloitte’s Top Technology Fast 50 for CE; won 2019 AI Award – Company of the Year; and was awarded EY Entrepreneur of The Year for 2019.

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