Frictionless authentication based on how you type

TypingDNA was launched in 2016 committed to providing the best typing biometrics and authentication solutions on the market and to improving and adapting technology to the needs of customers.

Based on the company’s mission to strengthen security without compromising user experience and a dedication to seamless and frictionless integrated solutions, TypingDNA reached 1 million users in the past year. The solution really shines at being the most available online biometric technology – it can be used with any keyboard, on any device, works passively behind the scenes, and it starts performing with only one previous sample.

TypingDNA is a potential disruptor in global markets, as mentioned by Disrupt 100, which links to the company’s goal to be the global leading provider of typing biometrics solutions. New partnerships with key players in identity, 2FA and fraud prevention, confidently help achieve that objective. Grounded on the mission to improve security without compromising user experience, TypingDNA works on complementing the range of multifactor biometrics solutions with products which are easy to use and to integrate within already existing business systems. The company provides typing biometrics authentication as a service, a RESTful API that anyone can use for 2FA and fraud prevention use cases.

The state of the art technology accurately identifies users and it is suitable for securing login, enforcing reset passwords, and online biometric authentication. TypingDNA is a cybersecurity SaaS, currently based in New York, USA and Romania, EU.