Voice Biometrics Group

VBG is your ONE STOP for all voice biometric software needs!

Voice Biometrics Group™ (VBG) is a leading provider of voice biometric identification and verification software, delivery systems, and related consulting services.  Companies use our technology to verify and protect their customers and detect fraud using the unique characteristics of spoken voice.

Industries where we are deployed include banks and financial institutions, telecom, health care, government services, online and distance learning schools, law enforcement agencies, corporate security.   We deliver solutions primarily through partners either from our Cloud service or on-premises.

Our powerful Platform-as-a-Service delivery model for VBG Enterprise™ and VBG Pro™ is:

  • Highly Scalable both horizontally and vertically
  • Highly Available service architecture
  • Highly Secure data protection at rest and in transit
  • Highly Compliant for PCI, GDPR, BIPA, and others

Some of the more popular use cases include  IVR and call center authentication, multi-factor web security, proof-of-life, secure online courses and exams, clinical trials and research, remote time and attendance, parolee and offender monitoring, and forensic voice analysis.

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